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Bags you need this summer

May 16, 2018

Maybe you don’t know, but I’m a huge fan of bags! And recently I realize If I wasn’t a blogger I probably have a few good bags and it would be enough, but as a blogger, I always need to change something in my daily looks and bags are my thing. I have them even more than shoes, but I have a problem to stuck only with one for a long period of time.  I think every fashionista has something she’s more into.

And today I want to share some latest top handle bags you should keep your eyes on this summer. Personally, I like top handle bags more than crossbody or shoulder bag, ’cause I think they can make you look chic. But they don’t work for those who love to carry all your house with them.


I always have a net bag in my top handle small bag, in case if I go to a grocery store. And lately,  I even put my camera and small bag in it. It looks super trendy and always works for me, so keep in mind this tip 😉

I also like the transparent plastic bag trend and again you can put your bag inside for a neat look. My transparent bag is its way to me. Can’t wait to show you!


all photos are from Pinterest 

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