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August 12, 2012

My chiffon summer dress from Thailand. Love it!  Great present from Kiki :))

My workplace. Love little things on my desk. By the way meet my wooden owl baby!

I love to feed birds.

Here are my best friends. My MacBook and Bamboo tablet are with me every single day.

And again one piece of our office.  I brought my vinyl toys to add creativeness to our place. The white one is Munny by kidrobot (the great set here). I didn’t paint it, ’cause my fav color is white and it inspires me all the time. A little cute monster is Bruttino by tokidoki, bought him in Boston (cute ones here).

I promised to show you my new handmade necklace. I spent 5 hours to make it.

My little boy Hero.  He doesn’t let me sleep well.

Enjoy, happy week and follow me on instagram: @strangejuice
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