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Jacquard sweater knitted by me

January 18, 2018

For those who didn’t know I actually love to knit (I posted one of the sweaters I made here). I knit for more than ten years now, but I always was afraid to knit sweaters. But not anymore 😉 This sweater I had knitted for my husband last year and since then I always wanted to wear it. And finally, I did! I spent a couple of months to knit this Icelandic style of sweater, as also known as “lopapeysa”. This kind of sweater was designed in 1950’s to keep Icelander’s warm through the cold Icelandic weather. I’m sure you all know sweaters with the decorative pattern around the neck opening.  It is characterized by a yoke design – a wide decorative circle surrounding the neck opening.




At first, I want to knit a lopapeysa for myself and after for my hubby, but I looked through stacks of lopapeysa books trying to pick the perfect one. This process took way longer than it should have and my husband already knew what exactly he wants, so here it’s his jacquard sweater. He picked the tweed yarn and every single color for this sweater. BTW, the yarn I use for this sweater is Soft Donegal.  This yarn is incredible 😉

Recently I decided to steal it from his closet for just a day and right now I want to knit one more for myself 😉 And right now it’s a perfect time to do this. But, will see 😉














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