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ankle tie loose trousers with checked blazer

December 15, 2017

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Happy Friday, Everyone! I can’t believe it’s already 15th of December and for me, it’s hard to believe, ’cause the weather has been so beautiful recently in San Francisco and I even could wear just a tee. Can you believe it, in December 😉

Although I’ve been wearing this checked blazer (similar and affordable versions here and here) so many times for past couple of months and had no chance to shoot an outfit. I’m also wearing a pair of high waisted pants I bought recently and  I’ve been obsessing over.  This outfit supposed to be casual, but these pants did their job, right?

I paired them with my H&M lace-up boots (affordable version here) I got these ones while I was in Paris and I’m still obsessed.

What do you guys think about my accessories?  Finally, I have a rose gold watch in my collection. This Bilbao watch I found at THE:5TH. I think they are gorgeous and to be honest this is really my 5th watch. Is it weird? But anyway I think it could be a great Christmas gift. You still have time to buy this watch, ’cause THE:5TH is offering Xmas delivery if you make your order before 17th of December, so go on and shop for your special someone, or treat yourself!

Hope you like this outfit, let me know below 😉 xx


highwaistedpants_ laceupboots_hat_bucketbag_thewhiteocean_lenajuice_streetstyle_the5thwatch__15

highwaistedpants_ laceupboots_hat_bucketbag_thewhiteocean_lenajuice_streetstyle_the5thwatch__09

highwaistedpants_ laceupboots_hat_bucketbag_thewhiteocean_lenajuice_streetstyle_the5thwatch__17

highwaistedpants_ laceupboots_hat_bucketbag_thewhiteocean_lenajuice_streetstyle_the5thwatch__00

highwaistedpants_ laceupboots_hat_bucketbag_thewhiteocean_lenajuice_streetstyle_the5thwatch__06

highwaistedpants_ laceupboots_hat_bucketbag_thewhiteocean_lenajuice_streetstyle_the5thwatch__12

highwaistedpants_ laceupboots_hat_bucketbag_thewhiteocean_lenajuice_streetstyle_the5thwatch__08

highwaistedpants_ laceupboots_hat_bucketbag_thewhiteocean_lenajuice_streetstyle_the5thwatch__05

highwaistedpants_ laceupboots_hat_bucketbag_thewhiteocean_lenajuice_streetstyle_the5thwatch__03

highwaistedpants_ laceupboots_hat_bucketbag_thewhiteocean_lenajuice_streetstyle_the5thwatch__02


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