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Floral print dress in Palm Springs

September 19, 2017

I am wearing: Azalea floral dress  |  Kate Spade NY bag  |  Steve Madden glitter boots

These are the dinosaurs that were in every travel movie in the 70’s and 80’s… And I still can I can even believe that I finally met with these two! Not only can you take pictures beside the main dinosaurs but you can enter the exhibit and go inside one of the dinosaurs. It was so much fun. It will be our new tradition on our way to Palm Springs!

Trying to discover local clothing brands and this dress is from Azalea. REALLY LIKE THIS PIECE!!! One of the sexiest dresses I have. Wearing it I felt myself like a real bad ass Californian gal!

Unfortunately, they are sold out, but I’ve linked some options for floral dresses below. Get them while the stores still have some Summer stuff.





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