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June 18, 2013
It’s time for Insta-timeeeee! Yay, one of my fave post. I can’t get enough of these cute 4×4 filtered photos. Yes, like many of you, I’m addicted.

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1. Cool down on the hot days with ice fruity cocktails.
2. Trying to stay healthy. Strawberries are full of vital nutrients and lots of flavor.

3. Set from my polyvore. You can follow me there too. It does make me happy!!!
4. Playing with my phone on the balcony. I really like this effect with window.
5. My heels by Zara. I know that you have already seen them, but I like to take pictures of some new stuff.

6.  Found these beautiful pansies in front of a local beauty shop.
7. It was windy and I twisted my hair and I didn’t expect the result will be so good. I usually use this trick to create my beachy waves. 

8. And again tasty and sweet summer cocktail, but it was too little portion.
9. I like motivational infographic (posters and cards) and sometimes I create my own.
10. I never seen this beautiful flowering bush before. And I just couldn’t take a photo 😉

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